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Bainite Machines, leading manufacturer of customized machinery, offers single-stop shop turnkey mixing room for the global tyre and rubber industry.

Our technical team interacts with you right from your project conceptualization stage to design a customized mixing room that fits within your project budget. We help you draw up a complete investment plan as well as feasibility studies including flow diagrams that depict the overall system.

Our experienced top-notch design engineers work on 3D-SolidWorks modelling with simulation to ensure you get a well-researched solution for your compounding requirements while our computer-aided project management system keeps deadlines under tight control throughout the term of the project. Jointly working with us through your planning stage, you get a clear view of the scope of our services till commissioning of your project.

We manufacture the finalized design of your mixing room systems using the latest technology and take care to select wear-protective material of individual mechanical components for durability and reliability.

We guarantee you when we supply our complete mixing room that all the subsystems and components - from raw material feeding to stacking of the finished sheet in the pallets are perfectly matched and all interfaces through to the instrumentation and control equipment render you trouble-free performance. A Bainite Make Mixing Room system complies with CE & ATEX norms and designed for safe user-friendly operations.

And that’s not all. Our experienced engineers are on hand both while you are commissioning your new mixing room systems and when you plan staff training or undertake scheduled maintenance.

We ensure prompt after-market support for our customers both directly and through our partners globally. Our trained engineers and optimized inventory stocking plans assures that your mixing room systems receive the best after-market service and continues to render you continuous service for longest period.

Our control and automation systems improve performance, quality and cost efficiency. Few key features of our mixing room systems that benefits you effortlessly are





A state-of-the-art technology automated Bainite mixing room with internal mixers having hydraulic ram for energy conservation, optimized rotor geometry with intensive cooling for the highest dispersion of compound in a controlled manner, prompt monitoring of different mixing parameters and complete line-integration through latest controls, labour saving TSS (Twin Screw Sheeter) as the downstream equipment and Batch-Off cooling lines with Wigwag and Automatic cutting, Auto-Pick Up, Packer-Stacker, Auto-Palletizer, Auto-Sampling - all of which helps you increase compounding quality, productivity and provides the highest returns on your investment.

Our 30 years of manufacturing experience, material technology expertise, know-how of rubber compounding, stringent quality standards and the core understanding of our customer’s needs has earned us the confidence of the industry leaders from products like rubber bale cutter, weighing and feeding conveyors, internal mixers, TSS, open mixing mills, dump extruders, and batch-off cooling lines to ancillaries like sheet feeder with rotary cutter and Temperature Controller Units.

So, when you plan for a new mixing room why not speak to us for a single-stop turnkey solution. Our technical experts will be delighted to provide you with more details when you reach out to us.

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