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intermeshing Mixer

Bainite offers TSS completely designed, customised and manufactured inhouse with latest technology. In an automated mixing line “TSS”, placed underneath the Internal mixer is today accepted for batch mixing replacing dump mill concept. Apart from the savings in power and labor, the material self-fed in TSS gives high quality of mix consistently, keeps the environment clean and is also a very safe operation.

Salient Features & Benefits:-

Large Hopper Chute:

Fixed with bolts over feed Barrel opening and customised to be connected at the bottom of the Mixer platform. Level sensors are provided to adjust the screw and roll speed according to batch weight from mixer. For visual inspection additional window are provided.

Feed Barrel:

Downward Inclined design barrel, duly hard chrome plated, allows faster movement and complete unloading of dump towards rolls. Barrels are drilled for effective cooling or heating.

Twin Screws:

Counter Rotating, Intermeshing, Conical & non contact screws are supported by antifircation bearing in the gear housing. They are mounted inclined and hard chrome plated for self cleaning. Shafts are drilled for cooling/heating to match dump temperature.

Roller Die Assembly:

Complete assembly with bearing housings can be removed horizontally through frame windows for maintenance purpose. Two hydraulic cylinders each side can be actuated electrically or manually(during power failure) for movement. Load cell at discharge end of extruder is mounted for synchronization of screw speed with roll speed. Sensing excess load, through interconnected with control panel, will speed up Calender and maintain balance of material flow with speeds of extruder/Calender. Optionally a dancer roll can be mounted on discharge side of calender to synchronize cooling line with the sheet output.

Drive and Control Systems:

Both screws and rolls are independently driven by variable speed motors and reducing gear arrangement. System start up, line synchronization and optimum performance are achieved by PLC based control systems. Operating variable are automatically adjusted to provide continuous sheet.

Safety Arrangement:

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