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intermeshing Mixer

Bainite Intermeshing type Internal Mixers are widely preferred by non tyre industries. Data shows with increase silica mixing intermeshing mixers are gaining popularity in tyre segments also. Higher surface to volume ratio (in comparison to Tangential Mixer) and spiral water cooling design makes it right choice for those mixing where temperature rise is sudden. Interlocking design of Intermeshing rotors allows the compound to flow over and around the nogs into the high shear zones maximizing the dispersion of the ingredients and fillers within the batch.

Salient Features:-

Superior Metallurgy:

All the parts, comes in contact with compound, are surface treated for wear protection. For accuracy all the parts are machined on CNC and ultrasonically/hydraulically tested. Stress relieving is done after welding. We have developed range of options for hard surface treatment for application like Silica.


Effective water cooling passage is drilled in Rotors, Chambers, Floating Weights, Rotor End Plates and Drop Doors. This ensures uniform batch temperature without localised heat build up situation. Provision for thermocouple is provided in door top and chamber for measuring compound temperature. We also offer Temperature Control Unit (TCU) for heating/cooling as per your requirement

Feed Hopper:

Large steep charging area for rapid feeding. Radius bottom floating weight to present maximum cooling and mixing surfaces to the compounds. Dust extraction hood fitted as standard. Charging door pneumatically/hydraulically operated

Dust Seal:

Self sealing designing ensures any leakage of material from rotor ends. Working faces are stellited and ground to smooth finish. Hydraulic pressure is used for sealing in larger mixer 270 and above.

Discharge Door:

Bainite offers hinged type “swing away” design operated by double rack and pinion arrangement. 135 Deg opening ensures quick drop of batch. Door top is postiviely locked by toggle type hardened steel latch on a hardened steel contact plate. Latch is actuated by a hydraulic cylinder.


Each HR5 rotor has one long wing and two small nogs for mixing. Long wing has wider tip which greatly inhance dispersion effect. Most of the mixing happens between the rotors. Rotor is made in two piece design and drilled for water passage close to material surface.

Drilled Side:

Chambers are dovelled close to lip area and have higher included angle of lip to avoid inward banding or shearing of lips due to hydraulic closing and locking pressure of door.

Hydraulic Ram:

Bainite offers hydraulically operated hopper assembly as an option to pneumatically operated. The advantage Hydraulic Hopper Design are:

Safety Arrangement:

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